Branding & Positioning

You might be clear on your target audience, but how do you reach them – and more importantly, how do you earn their loyalty? In a world of "information overload," a clear, concise and visually compelling brand is absolutely essential. Our branding and positioning programs help create disruption and break through the noise – attracting, engaging and converting interest in your products and services. Leveraging our proven ValueArc™ Platform, we deliver a fresh approach to branding, messaging and positioning, helping to bridge your company's "value gap" to achieve real growth objectives. Our services include:

Brand Strategy

  • Brand analysis
  • Strategy development


  • Message/positioning framework development
  • Message mapping

Brand Measurement

  • Awareness
  • Perception
  • Preference

Brand Implementation

  • Identity development
  • Brand standards & governance
  • Iconography, diagrams & infographics
  • Program templates