What is ValueArc?

The ValueArc™ Platform is a proprietary brand positioning, messaging and marketing communications process developed by DaynerHall. Its purpose: to help B2B and technology companies discover and project their greatest value to the market.

ValueArc combines proven branding principles with structured messaging and go-to-market strategies that are specifically geared for B2B companies. For over twenty years we have successfully applied this approach to companies large and small. It serves as a means to sharply define and focus company positioning, communications and sales support to meet strategic goals.

Properly leveraged, ValueArc can help you:
  • Accelerate sales cycles
  • Reduce the cost of sales
  • Increase revenues and profits
  • Enhance customer loyalty and longevity
  • Command premium prices
  • Raise the barrier to entry for competitors
  • Attract the best employees and partners
  • Boost your company’s value

When you effectively define and project your company’s strategic value, you can finally progress beyond the tedious treadmill of product marketing cycles and price competition. Most important, you can maximize shareholder value.

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