Why do you need it?

Even if your company is an established industry leader, your circumstances – and your market – can quickly shift under your feet, leaving you at a sudden competitive disadvantage.

Traversing your “crossroads”

To thrive over the long term, you must aggressively project your strategic value to your market, even as your company traverses critical transitions that alter the nature of your relationship with that market. These transitions or “crossroads” can include: 

  • Entering a new market segment
  • Repositioning/rebranding your company and products
  • Changing your distribution model
  • Reorganizing following an acquisition
  • Responding to a new competitive threat
  • Spinning off a new line of business or a new company

It’s possible you’re experiencing a combination of these challenges, or maybe you’ve simply reached a revenue plateau with your current business model. Whatever the nature of the challenge, if you’re struggling to find market traction and sustainable growth, you need more than a pro forma marketing and sales approach.

You’re a B2B company, so you’re not getting market exposure on retail shelves. Chances are the vast majority of your potential customers – and the market at large – have never interacted directly with your company.

Thus, to grow, you must apply marketing more effectively as a strategic lever; otherwise, perceptions of your company will always be shaped by forces outside your control. There’s a danger to letting your potential customers know you primarily via the opinions of others – from fleeting internet messages and blogs, to product reviews to chat rooms – and from your competitors.

The lesson: If you don’t aggressively position yourself, you will be positioned by default.

The lowest common denominator derived from incomplete information and disparate opinions will become your default position in the market, and it will determine the perceptions of your potential customers, potential partners, investors and market influencers.  Default positioning severely limits your potential.

Usually, your default (or commodity) position:
  • Is tactical in nature
  • Projects a “me-too” role in a crowded market space
  • Is focused on functions and features
  • Subjects you to constant price competition
  • Tends to be transaction-based
  • Implies fleeting value to customers
  • Translates into low company value

ValueArc changes your trajectory and accelerates your success

ValueArc is all about seizing control of your market position and guiding market perception to your advantage. Ultimately, it’s about positioning you for growth and maximum value.

Your ideal, maximized position:
  • Is strategic in nature
  • Projects a differentiated/unique market role
  • Is vision/objective focused
  • Renders your competition irrelevant, and allows you to command premium pricing
  • Tends to be relationship based
  • Implies enduring value to customers
  • Translates into high company value 

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