Jessica Garrett

Senior Digital Art Director

Jessica knows the difference between “soccer” and “football” because she’s spent time on both sides of the pond. And it doesn’t matter what you call it, because she can kick with the best of them. An active athlete at heart, Jessica brings an abundance of power and energy to her design work, injecting it with a fun and fervor that makes even the most mundane of complex, tech-laden schematics that much more engaging. And as an Air Force brat, she brings the benefit of world travel to her repetoire, infusing the cultural spice of a global paintbox to her painting. In fact, she’s the only person at the agency who can claim to have been to every state in the U.S. (except Alaska... you can give her a hard time about that “big miss”...)

Jessica is tasked with managing the art direction, graphic design, mechanical production and execution of DaynerHall’s creative product – and helping to support the people who make it happen, including designers, freelance illustrators and contracted HTML developers. A competent photographer, she brings a seasoned eye to her work across a variety of media and software, including the complete Adobe Suite of applications. From collateral design to template development, PowerPoint “skinning” to tradeshow graphics and interactive touchscreens, Jessica manages it all with a deft and skill that few designers can wield.

Jessica is also experienced with developing complex UI/UX designs. In fact, her graphical user interfaces (GUIs) appear on the touchscreens of TSC’s industrial barcode printers across the world. Developing such critical applications requires a knowledge of the user’s interactions, along with a host of variables that affect the behaviors and experiences of people across a spectrum of environmental conditions. It also requires working with manufacturers in Asia, as Jessica does on a daily basis, deciphering the many complexities that exist across oceans of lingual, cultural and technical differences. And she does it all with accuracy, professionalism and grace.

Jessica received her B.A. from the University of North Florida in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Graphic Design.