Maggie Cintron

Director of Finance and Accounting

There’s only one thing with more attitude than the Bronx – and that’s Maggie Cintron. A native New Yorker to the core, Maggie is a certified spitfire, showing the numbers who’s boss, and keeping everyone accountable. It’s that passion for accuracy and a zest for life that makes her the ideal leader for managing the financial concerns of DaynerHall, as well as those of our clients. A Latina “foodie” and self-taught Salsa dancer, Maggie brings a rich, textured and always fun temperament to the intensity of the high-tech business world... which can always use a little seasoning and gusto.

Maggie has a long, storied history of working in the accounting ranks of the advertising and medical publishing world. One of her first jobs was at McCann Erickson, where she cut her teeth on the rigors of the advertising business in one of the world’s biggest agencies. Her years of high-pressure work at McCann prepared her for smaller, more entrepreneurial roles, including several years at the Billie Heller Advertising Agency. Here, she mastered the systems and processes that govern the ebb and flow of an agency’s lifeblood, and learned the best practices around billing cycles and media placement. Her continued interaction with reporting programs, D&B rating systems and accounting methods have helped her manage highly complex, mult-million dollar campaign placements with accuracy and reliability.

Maggie also manages the relationship with DaynerHall’s certified public accounting firm, providing the auditing oversight necessary to maintain a stable, debt-free business that continues to grow. To do this, Maggie leverages her expertise in Sage, Crystal Reports and other applications that are critical to controlling a fluid, fiduciary ecosystem.

Maggie holds several certifications in accounting and finance, and conducted her studies in both New York City and Orlando.