Tom Darling

Managing Partner

Tom Darling has served as DaynerHall’s Managing Partner since 1992. He brings three-plus decades of B2B and high-tech marketing experience to the DaynerHall team. Before joining the agency, he held positions with Scientific-Atlanta and Mitsubishi International and managed the internal marketing communications department for wireless data systems provider LXE, where he played a key role in driving company sales from $10 million to $45 million.

In his 20 plus years with DaynerHall, Tom has helped manage a growing client portfolio that has included accounts such as Harmonic, VERITAS, Datamax, Tintri, WhereNet and Tradex. His knowledge of product development and marketing contributed to the development of DaynerHall’s ValueArc™ Platform, a proprietary brand positioning, messaging and marketing communications process that helps B2B and technology companies project their greatest value to the market.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Illinois State University and an MBA from Governor's State University in Chicago.