Developing thought leadership content to position Big Blue as the trusted provider of innovative cyber security

The bad guys just keep getting better. That’s been the general observation from CSOs, CTOs, CISSPs, security professionals and industry analysts since the term “hacker” first became part of the mainstream vernacular. And while the defense posture has continued to improve over the years, the vulnerabilities have nontheless been exploited at every turn. In fact, cybercrimes now account for over $100 billion in annual costs to the overall market – inflicted by viruses, malware, criminal insiders, data theft and SQL injection. The culprits have expanded from bored 14-year-old hooligans to more sophisticated and well-funded culprits like corporate spies, foreign governments and terrorist organizations – wreaking havoc with fraud, “hacktivism,” espionage and a frightening new level of “cyberwarfare.”

And it’s not just businesses getting attacked. Consumers are feeling it every day in the form of identity theft and credit card fraud. In fact, over 600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised every day – and botnets just employed over 120,000 “zombie” computers to generate spam since you started reading this.

It’s scary out there. And that required a powerful response from companies like Internet Security Systems: a pioneer in the development of security hardware and software, with a wide array of network and point solutions. Along with their multi-level security products and professional services, ISS also boasted some of the best security research on the planet. Their unique X-Force research group – a collection of former  “black hat hackers” and security thought leaders – had forged a practice around identifying vulnerabilities across the Internet long before they were exploited, enabling ISS products to patch for specific threats months before they struck.

The problem: no one knew about these advantages. And even fewer companies understood the business value of the security investment. Aside from the growing demands around corporate compliance, governance and regulation, security was still considered a “cost” as opposed to a strategic enabler, with products viewed as individual network elements and not part of a holistic ecosystem. In recent years, they had also been battling the “whitewater” of stagnant growth, seeing a flat sales trend with little fanfare from the analyst community around their products, solutions and services.

ISS was ready to disrupt this conversation – and DaynerHall’s ValueArc™ Platform was ready to help open up the security frontier. In addition to the full spectrum of advertising, direct marketing and online services, it was our deep knowledge of technology and security markets helped position ISS as a key acquisition by Big Blue, and our groundbreaking work to brand preemptive protection helped energize the “Ahead of the Threat” message – keeping this client ahead of their competition.

DaynerHall also provided unique experiential programs to help bolster their awareness as an innovator in the security space – including sticky “gamification” strategy that brought the landscape of threats to life. Working with IBM content developers, DaynerHall created a family of threat “avatars,” injecting the characters with a three-dimensional tangibility. These avatars then became the key players in an online game – allowing users to interact with threats on a whole new level. While educational, the game was also fun – stepping up the engagement and elevating the creative problem solving at play within IBM. The result: improved situational awareness, enhanced intelligence and greater validation around the IBM solution set. Not to mention a volley for a new high score.

Today, IBM continues to rely on DaynerHall to support their vision of a smarter, more secure planet. Working as a team, our seasoned subject matter experts provide world-class content across a variety of marketing assets – and have begun to support evolving technology areas across the company. Currently, DaynerHall is responsible to producing a series of strategic, highly-visible security trend and risk reports, published by the X-Force research group. These reports encompass global security data from a variety of resources, complied into lengthy documents with detailed diagrams and infographics. The data is mission-critical, and accuracy an absolute requirement. To that end, DaynerHall has earned a trusted role as the go-to support team for making these time-sensitive reports available to the market.

Services Include

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  • Integrated Campaign Strategies
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  • thought leadership