Communicating the benefits of service to an underserved market – and leveraging POS and viral tactics to turn up the sales volume

Even after a merger with Nextel made Sprint one of the largest mobile carriers in North America, they continued   to face a familiar challenge: finding unique and effective ways to reach consumers and generate new activations.

While mass media channels were saturated with mobility messages from all of the major players, DaynerHall worked closely with Sprint’s field marketing teams to develop guerilla-style experiential programs – shifting the focus to underserved corners of the marketplace. This included the “individual-liable” segment: employees, service members or students who could qualify for Sprint discounts through their respective institutions. This aggressive, feet-on-the-ground approach also provided tools and training to local Sprint retailers, helping to generate visibility with clever, tactile marketing elements planted across military bases, college campuses and corporate facilities.

Hyper-local advertising in both print and online provided additional ground cover for the entire program, utilizing campus and base newspapers and company newsletters. The result was a 40% increase in net new activitations – and a template for expanding the program into new markets.

Services Include

  • advertising (print/online)
  • banners (static/animated)
  • campaign management
  • copywriting and editing
  • collateral design
  • e-mail campaigns
  • experiential marketing
  • guerilla marketing
  • landing page design
  • point-of-sale solutions
  • retail strategies