Waking up a tired market and breaking the sales spell with creative video and integrated digital campaigns

The over-the-counter pharma market is as noisy as it gets. Consumers are confronted with hundreds of brands for thousands of ailments and maladies, across dozens of crowded media channels. Only one diagnosis is clear: mass confusion.

MEDA was keenly aware of this growing “infection” in the marketplace. As a leading provider of consumer healthcare products, they saw a deepening fragmentation eroding their position – and a greater struggle emerging to stand out against bigger brands with even bigger budgets.

As MEDA considered the challenges that lay ahead, the focused their attention on one of their flagship brands, MidNite – an over-the-counter supplement in the sleep aid category. They saw great promise and an opportunity to disrupt the market with a drug-free alternative to competitors, but understood the essential need to be vocal, sticky and memorable.

Thankfully, they found a cure: DaynerHall.

While not a typical engagement for the agency, MEDA recognized our deep understanding of complex markets, and how to leverage integrated media to create an effective and sustainable campaign. In addition, our staff brings more than just business-to-business experience to the table; from creative to media planning, our team brings a mix of high-tech B2B and consumer knowledge to the table, as well as point-of-sale and pharmaceutical intelligence.

The process began with a deep, ValueArc-oriented discovery – where listening campaigns provided a granular analysis of the market challenges. Leveraging this data gave the creative team the foundation to develop a truly unique “story,” and translate the benefits to the right audience. Rather than taking a conventional, predictable approach, we built a whimsical reality that transports the viewer to another world: a place called “The Land of Grog.” In this alternate dimension, the “Evil Dr. Dose” casts his medicated sleep spells on victims, who feel groggy at work and struggle to stay alert. Through a protagonist character – our “Heroine” – the MidNite product brand is positioned as the answer, breaking the spell and promising that “drug-free sleep is not a fantasy.”

The “serial” nature of the concept also provided a unique attribute. The “Tales from the Land of Grog” context enhanced the audience engagement, promoting the expectation of future “episodes” within this universe – and enabling a platform for modifying the messages and focusing on other key benefits.

Creative, disruptive and truly unique within the marketplace, “The Land of Grog” provided MEDA with a deep platform for creating benefit-oriented messages and campaigns. The point of the spear was a high-production :30 second spot, designated for online pre-roll and cross-channel cable. Utilizing our media intelligence, we also ported the concept across a variety of vehicles in a pulse strategy – attacking key markets such as Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco.

From Pandora Radio to email to banner ads, the campaign integrated a multi-media approach to maximize impact within the allocated budget. The use of sophisticated video overlays amplified the accessibility to special offers and calls-to-action around discounts and other promotions, giving the media greater value and rendering the response more trackable.

For MEDA, the prescription was simple: wake up a tired marketplace with a bold, innovative solution – and start a new day for MidNite. And that’s what DaynerHall delivered.

Services Include

  • advertising (print/online)
  • animation
  • banners (static/animated)
  • broadcast television commercials
  • campaign management
  • collateral design
  • copywriting and editing
  • e-mail campaigns
  • Integrated Campaign Strategies
  • interactive (demos)
  • Interactive (Online, Video)
  • landing page design
  • media negotiation management
  • package design
  • retail strategies
  • retargeting programs
  • video
  • website design