Leading a revolution for cloud-based security IT GRC in a widely unknown marketplace – with the power of brand positioning and PR

Governance, regulation and compliance have been a persistent drag on organizations – especially with it comes to security. As a pioneer in cloud-based security solutions, TraceSecurity has been making IT GRC easier and more effective to manage and maintain, providing risk management and compliance solutions to protect critical data and meet IT security mandates. Their flagship product, TraceCSO, brings the power of a “Cloud Security Officer” to a company’s IT infrastructure, reducing the complexities of ever-changing threats and technologies. But as a largely unknown player in a vast, layered security landscape, they faced the daunting challenge of creating awareness for an emerging sector of the security market, and vocal competitors with deep pockets and legacy products.

Leveraging DaynerHall’s ValueArc process, TraceSecurity uncovered significant value in the positioning of their TraceCSO product. ValueArc also helped TraceSecurity define its top-level market message: that their unique combination of people, processes and technology gives decision makers and IT managers a holistic view of their security posture – and enables them to achieve effective data protection and automatic compliance. With a renewed clarity around their business value and their assets, DaynerHall helped move their marketing and positioning into a dynamic branding platform.

As an entrepreneurial company with a startup culture, TraceSecurity wanted to project a youthful, energetic and highly innovative brand to reflect its new messaging – but temper it with the respect and trust that only a proven market leader requires in the security space. The first step was developing a world-class Website that elevated the visual sophistication of the company. In addition, an interactive demo for TraceCSO was developed, capturing the unqiue story and expressing the core capabilities and advantages of the security platform. From there, DaynerHall developed a series of thematic messages that blended excitement and validation to the brand, and drew visual attention to the IT GRC movement. This was encapsulated in the “CSO Revolution” concept, which ignited the potential of having simplified control and enhanced security within an organization. All of this reflected the ValueArc Blueprint’s core tenets, relating back to the top-level market position and validating attributes.

Once the “Revolution” theme was promoted via the Website and online channels, DaynerHall used the ValueArc blueprint to craft additional themes to support the core messaging. The concept of an IT GRC “maze” was the perfect motif – creating a dark and intimidating backdrop. Getting lost in this maze of complexity provided the foundation for TraceSecurity’s core value proposition of simplifying IT GRC, and “tracing” your way through the chaos.

To develop awareness around the new messaging platform – and roll out the new brand with some gravitas – TraceSecurity leveraged an aggressive tradeshow and event schedule. To make a dynamic impact, a backlit booth property was chosen, which gave the fiery image of the maze a brilliant  “pop.”  In addition, several promotional offers were created to enhance booth attendance and stoke interest. Short video vignettes were also played throughout the event halls, providing even more visibility for the key messages and brand.

TraceSecurity is accelerating their sales strategy and developing their pipeline through a variety of channels, including search, social and the analyst community. In addition, DaynerHall has leveraged its deep experience and network connections in the security industry to help activate greater situational awareness, and even create relationships with other key industry professionals. DaynerHall’s dynamic support model continues to provide TraceSecurity with ongoing strategic marketing and branding support, from eBooks to eNewsletters and beyond - all designed in alignment with the ValueArc Blueprint for success. The result: a company on the move, standing apart in a fiercly competitive landscape and answering the market need for greater security intelligence.

Services Include

  • Integrated Campaign Strategies
  • advertising (print/online)
  • animation
  • banners (static/animated)
  • collateral design
  • copywriting and editing
  • custom invitations
  • direct/one-to-one marketing
  • e-mail campaigns
  • e-newsletters
  • experiential marketing
  • landing page design
  • thought leadership
  • tradeshow and event design
  • video
  • website design