Giving birth to a global brand for the leading storage software provider – and creating magnetic buzz with traditional and online media

Widely recognized by network managers for its dependable NetBackup storage software, VERITAS had grown rapidly through acquisitions – and had plateaued at nearly $700 million in revenues. Yet, the VERITAS brand was still relatively unknown in the marketplace, especially among the senior managers who determine corporate standards and approve large purchases. Also, the company was still suffering from the conflicting corporate cultures of its various merged entities – and lacked a strong, unifying identity.

As the agency of record for VERITAS, DaynerHall engaged with nearly every layer of the organization to execute a comprehensive global campaign. This unprecedented investment helped unify a diverse, distributed workforce around a singular brand message: that VERITAS was no longer just a storage software provider, but a strategic business partner that unleashed the true power of data. To that end, DaynerHall managed and executed internal education programs to rally around the new market position of “The Data Availability Company.” This concept was reflected in every advertising and communications program – reaching across 40 different publications around the planet.

From direct marketing to tradeshow experiences to recrutiment programs, DaynerHall played a key role in guiding the marketing strategy and execution from the C-Level suite to the front lines – and helped VERITAS reach nearly $1.2 billion in revenues in less than two years. This explosive growth made them a prime acquisition for Symantec Corporation.

Services Include

  • advertising (print/online)
  • banners (static/animated)
  • campaign management
  • copywriting and editing
  • collateral design
  • e-mail campaigns
  • e-newsletters
  • interactive (demos)
  • landing page design
  • media negotiation management
  • package design
  • thought leadership
  • tradeshow and event design
  • video
  • website design
  • hr and recruitment marketing