Cabo Vida

Creating international buzz for affordable home ownership in the beachside beauty of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the undisputed gem of Central America. Along with its stunning beaches and lush rainforests, it is a cultural wonder that beckons adventurous travelers the world over.

In this progressive and Bohemian locale, the common greeting is “Pura Vida” – a wish for a good and pure life. And that’s what called the founders of the Cabo Vida Group to this magical land. As seasoned builders and investors from the US and Europe, these pioneers saw an opportunity to create an unprecedented lifestyle for expatriate explorers – people who were seeking a retirement or a lifestyle abroad in an exotic destination. With an unparalleled climate (Costa Rica contains a “Blue Zone,” where residents tend to live longer, healthier lives) and inexpensive cost of living, the quality of life was a huge selling point – and Cabo Vida broke ground on their master planned communities.

Despite having the tropical “ingredients” to attract buyers to purchase property in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica (on the Pacific Coast), Cabo Vida faced an uphill battle. With little to no awareness in the US market, they needed to create serious hype and visibility around their product. But they also faced a perception challenge: that Costa Rica was still an emerging market, and security and stability in any real estate might be a risky venture.

That’s where DaynerHall dropped anchor began shoring up the solution.

While our focus has traditionally been in the B2B, technology and pharmaceutical markets, our creative team has been bred in both consumer and hospitality marketing – and approached the problem with a truly fresh perspective. To understand this unique opportunity and the challenges involved, the DaynerHall team travelled to Liberia, Matapalo and Tamarindo to absorb the Costa Rican culture on the ground. This gave us first-hand insight into the wonders and marvels of this amazing country, and informed our entire approach from an experiential perspective.

After leveraging the principles of our ValueArc™ methodology, we discovered that the core message driving the opportunities for Cabo Vida was the notion of “community.” While countless other developers and realtors offered individual homes around the Guanacaste region, none had really listened to the voice of the customer and understood their desire to be immersed in the local culture – but have the comfort of an expatriate community connecting them back to the security of their home countries. In addition to a more affordable price point, the idea of being in a community of like-minded people was attractive to their audience, and has become the tip of the spear in all of their messaging and positioning. To reinforce this focus, DaynerHall recommended they adopt the tagline “Costa Rica Communities” to their master brand.

With Cabo Vida’s target audience consisting of middle-class North Americans and Europeans with an interest in retiring or relocating, the design of the brand needed to be world-class but accessible – transmitting a sense of security, trust and validation without feeling financially out of reach. In addition, Cabo Vida had multiple properties that appealed to different segments based on price, location and lifestyle choice. This fragmentation was creating some confusion in their sales strategy, so DaynerHall brought a unified brand to the entire company – aligning each property’s identity around a common design foundation, including color and typographic choice. The result was a successful “umbrella” strategy that brought cohesion and clarity to the landscape of their product options, and made the product tiers much simpler for prospects to understand.

At the center of the promotional effort was the development of a world-class website – one that is rich with information, experiences and engagement tools for interacting with leads. The site was born out of the raw, wild and natural beauty of the country, but the framework was constructed in a sophisticated and elegant vein – putting it in parity with other respected international hospitality brands. With numerous resources for local restaurants, retail, activities, tours and more, the website became as much as sales tool for Cabo Vida as it was for the country of Costa Rica.

The site was also designed to be a truly automated and interactive experience, allowing visitors to click on visual site maps to scan available inventory, chat with a sales professional and start the process of buying their property.

To reach new leads and seed the market in both the US and Europe, DaynerHall developed a number of outboard email and landing page programs. With a diverse set of buying drivers (from retirement to relocation to investment), the program was tiered to focus on each vertical with relevant messaging. In addition to researching, brokering and acquiring third-party opt-in lists, DaynerHall facilitated the entire program – from building A/B versions of landing pages, sending emails and analyzing the results. We also helped inform and initiate a more aggressive social media strategy, which continues to grow in its power to influence their target audiences.

To support the broader promotional effort, DaynerHall continues to help Cabo Vida with a variety of branding activities. From site signage to outdoor billboards to sales tools and beyond, the program has evolved to include consulting on media, outreach programs and analytics. And to help create more cohesion with their growing breadth of products and services, DaynerHall continues to integrate the sensibilities of the master brand into sub-brands for their furniture store, travel, tour and assurance programs.

The results have been exciting and rewarding. Prospects have been raving about the quality of the website experience, and the perception and visibility of the Cabo Vida brand continues to improve. New residents are now calling Costa Rica home… and are ready to greet you with their new mantra: “Pura Vida!”

Services Include

  • advertising (print/online)
  • banners (static/animated)
  • collateral design
  • e-mail campaigns
  • landing page design
  • website design