Bright House Networks


Connecting businesses with broadband services through hyper-local media, direct marketing and sales support

New and disruptive technologies, the rise of telecom and dish-based competitors, and a changing FCC regulatory landscape: The cable and broadband industry has been facing significant headwinds over the last decade – and Bright House Networks, a regional provider in markets around the US, was not immune. While the consumer television and Internet focus continued to churn along, management saw significant untapped potential in the small business and enterprise fiber markets. But how do you reach prospects with a clear message, when your brand is overwhelmingly associated with residential cable services? The answer came in a partnership with DaynerHall.

Working closely with the small business and enterprise leads, DH established a key value proposition that would resonate with the segmented audiences: that Bright House was uniquely positioned to help businesses connect, manage and grow with world-class services and unmatched technology. But moreso, Bright House was a local, dedicated partner that valued relationships above all else – delivering the brand promise that “it’s more than business, it’s personal.” This message appealed to both the small office/home office audience as well as the enterprise market, establishing Bright House as the clear choice in a landscape of unproven telecom newcomers with no local connection to their business challenges and needs. After significant focus group testing, DaynerHall managed and delivered a deep, integrated campaign through online and traditional hyperlocal media, including regional newspapers and cross-channel cable television in California, Indiana, Florida and New York. Coupled with a progressive, variable-enabled direct marketing campaign,

Bright House managed to generate significant visibility around their Business Solutions brand, and created clear distinction in every market they served. In addition, DaynerHall created the first-ever Business Solutions Summit for the Bright House sales team, bringing together vendors and partners – including Microsoft – to help forge the future of best-in-class broadband business services.

Services Include

  • advertising (print/online)
  • banners (static/animated)
  • broadcast television commercials
  • campaign management
  • collateral design
  • custom invitations
  • direct/one-to-one marketing
  • e-mail campaigns
  • e-newsletters
  • interactive (demos)
  • landing page design
  • media negotiation management
  • thought leadership
  • tradeshow and event design
  • website design
  • video