Creating visual disruption and switching the traditional channels in the video delivery and distribution indusry

After purchasing both Omneon and Rhozet in 2010, Harmonic – a global leader in video storage, delivery and distribution – was at a pivotal crossroads. Not only had they acquiried new technologies and capabilities, but they had also inherited unique cultures and brands with their own market cache and loyal customers. How could they successfully integrate these brands under one master identity, and reposition the  company’s visual story for maximum growth? To help establish cohesion across their deep portfolio of products and solutions, Harmonic embarked on an aggressive, multi-layered rebranding program – and tapped DaynerHall as the chief architects for creating and managing the new unified platform.

The big “splash” began with the creation of a central corporate brochure, which repositioned the company as a passionate and innovative leader in the industry. For the first time, the story was less about the speeds and feeds of their NSGPro or QAM products – it was about the future of the industry, and Harmonic’s commitment to delivering video quality on a whole new level... where it comes “alive.”

For Harmonic, one of the most critical messages to the market was their unwavering commitment to deliver “amazing video experiences” with unmatched quality. And with a demanding universe of customers – from broadcast to cable to online video providers – it was essential to translate this commitment into powerful marketing assets that could be leveraged across multiple channels. To that end, DaynerHall developed a visual campaign that focused on the imaginative potential of Harmonic’s brand promise: delivering amazing video experiences. Using unusual and thought-provoking imagery, the campaign created a colorful, eccentric and highly disruptive presence across the print and online media within the video industry – and gave Harmonic the much-needed visual  “punch” to truly stand out. In addition, the composition of the photography helped express the idea of video “coming to life,” often creating whimsical or fantastic landscapes where imagery breaks away from the confines of a device and truly comes alive.

Leveraging our deep experience in building integrated marketing campaigns, DaynerHall has helped shape a complete “digital ecosystem” for Harmonic’s advertising and promotional programs, extending a consistent brand footprint across all applications. As shown in the diagram above, all of the digital programs “orbit” around the central gravity of the corporate Website. But the applications are not limited to traditional online media such as banner advertising and email marketing – they extend into video, social media, mobile applications and even emerging “experiential” products such as interactive kiosks at events.

Industry tradeshows have always been a key platform for Harmonic, providing a captive audience for new technologies, products and services. With the development of the new brand and messaging, Harmonic was eager to integrate the visual impact of the creative campaign imagery into their tradeshow properties. And with industry shows like NAB and IBC dominating the landscape, this was an opportunity to create significant disruption in the market – and in a big way. Starting with an entirely new booth layout, DaynerHall provided stark, beautiful and compelling imagery in sharp, large-scale formats throughout the property. Each photograph and its treatment evoked the core Harmonic brand, integrating it with the other elements in the campaign. They also helped codify the story of delivering “amazing video experiences,” attracting guests from across the tradeshow floor with profound visual magnetism. The result was a clean but provocative tradeshow booth that energized the Harmonic show experience for employees and attendees.

Today, Harmonic is at the top of their game, delivering some of the most innovative solutions for video storage and delivery. Leveraging their new brand across all of their communications has powered their confidence and helped elevate their stature as a sophisticated leader in their market space. The tactical tools now available to their sales force is helping to accelerate the entire sales process and simplify field requests to the corporate marketing deparment – creating greater efficiency and productivity. To help maintain the growth of the Harmonic brand and ensure its proper use, DaynerHall published a 104-page Brand Style Guide, providing simple strategies for anyone – from employees to partners to media – on how to correctly use the Harmonic brand. In addition to its guidance and governance, it provides links to graphics libraries and resources, making it a dynamic tool for maintaining the Harmonic brand everywhere.

Services Include

  • Integrated Campaign Strategies
  • advertising (print/online)
  • animation
  • application development
  • banners (static/animated)
  • campaign management
  • collateral design
  • copywriting and editing
  • custom invitations
  • direct/one-to-one marketing
  • e-mail campaigns
  • e-newsletters
  • interactive (demos)
  • landing page design
  • logo/identity design
  • retargeting programs
  • thought leadership
  • tradeshow and event design
  • video
  • website design